We are currently living in a very high-speed world. Technology has enabled us to communicate, achieve information, and travel at an impeccably fast pace. As awesome as this technology is to our lives, it is definitely taking a toll on our bodies.

We are all trying to fit so much into our days. We have work, social events to attend, children to drive around everywhere, families to take care of, the list goes on-and-on.

And, to fit all of this into one day, we often find ourselves speeding when driving, multi-tasking when eating, and not even taking time to sit down and eat. In fact, setting time aside to sit down and eat is usually the last thing on our to do list.

I’m sure most people can make the connection that running around all day and doing things fast can cause stress. But most people don’t think about the speed they are eating their food or if they are multi-tasking when they eat.

If you are watching tv, listening to music, reading an intense book, or any type of multi-tasking while you eat it will lead to mindless eating. And, if you are eating mindlessly, you will not be able to listen to your body. This will lead to you eating fast and to eating more than your body needs. If you can’t hear your body telling you to stop eating, then you won’t stop eating!

Physiologically, when we eat fast or are distracted, our bodies go into a state of stress.

When we are in this state, we actually become unable to fully digest and assimilate our food. This is because when our body is in a state of stress, all of the blood flows to our heads so that we are able to think faster. This state of panic is physiologically the same response our body has when we are being chased by a lion. Thus, all of our body’s energy is focused on how to get us out of the stressed state instead of focusing on breaking down our food into something that can fuel us. Our bodies will not register the nutrients in our bodies, which will ultimately lead to weight gain, muscle loss, malnutrition, etc.

So, by slowing down, you will be able to listen to your body much better. Your body will be able to fully digest and assimilate the nutrients in your food. This will help you lose weight and stay healthy because you will be getting the nutrients you need, which will prevent over-eating and cravings.